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I’ve started re-doing the main UI for Buzzbird… the iChat knock-off look that Buzzbird currently uses is pretty lame.  Here’s how it looks so far:

I had planned on adding some underpinnings for theme support when I re-did the theme, but just getting this far has taken a lot longer than I had hoped.  Getting the @#$&! rounded corners to work along with the avatar and tweet text took me a while.  And the new theme still doesn’t color differently based on reply/direct/etc.

Right now, my priorities are as follows:

  • Finish up with the new theme, get tweets to render in different colors based on tweet/reply/direct/etc.
  • If there’s time, put some underpinnings for theme support in.
  • Split up main.js into two files, one for back-end API stuff, which is embedded in the main XUL object, and one for the browser which is concerned only w/ rendering.  This will make way for support of multiple accounts and tabs

To summarize, Buzzbird isn’t dead yet.  I’ve gotten past sulking about the bad comments I saw in  I’m encouraged by the fact that someone forked it on github to add support.  I’ve gotten some positive feedback.  So I hope to have a new release put together within the next week or so.


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