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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Hey all,

I just released version 0.4 of Buzzbird.  This is the first release that supports multiple twitter accounts!  Here’s the complete list of all the good stuff included in this release:

  • Multiple Account support – Buzzbird now allows you to add an unlimited number of accounts in the Account Preferences pane.  You can choose the active account via a dropdown on the main screen.
  • Profile info on hover – You can now get a quick summary of a person’s profile by hovering over their avatar.
  • Sent via (client) – When hovering over an individual tweet, Buzzbird will now tell you which client was used to post that tweet, and clicking the client name will bring you to that client’s homepage.
  • Repying to (link) – On replies, a link is now provided that brings you to the tweet that the person was replying to.  Note that this requires the other person’s twitter client to supply this information, so not all replies will show this link (most will).
  • Hoverbuttons more contextual (don’t allow reply to self, don’t reply to a direct with a non-direct) – This one is for my friend @beadinpath, who accidentally replied to one of her friends instead of DM’ing them when responding to a DM.  Hovering over a tweet will now only permit relevant actions.
  • Support for Delete Tweet – You can now delete your own tweets from within Buzzbird, no need to visit
  • Alternate retweet format (via vs. RT) – You can now specify in the Preferences dialog whether you want your retweets to begin with “RT @handle”, or end with “(via @handle)”.
  • Buzzbird will now properly post thread info to the API on replies.
  • Updated xulrunner to version
  • Bug fix – After leaving Buzzbird running for a long time, switching between “Show Mentions” and “Show All Tweets” could take a LONG time, and the app would hang while it was redrawing.  This has been fixed.
  • Bug fix – Scrolling jump on update – In the past, Buzzbird had an annoying tendency to “jump” if an update occurred while you were scrolling through old tweets.  This has been fixed.
  • Bug fix – Insert text at caret instead of end of tweet entry area – In the past, if you shortened a link, Buzzbird would always put the shortened link at the end of the tweet.  Now it inserts it at the caret position.
  • Bug fix – Stop using JS alert()s, use Mozilla dialog service instead – This is just a cosmetic change in how Buzzbird issues alert messages.
  • Bug fix – Need to be able to put plus signs in our tweets.

Get it while it’s hot.  As usual, you can get version 0.4 at

If you’re interested in contributing to Buzzbird, shoot me a line at @mdesjardins, and check out the github repo.