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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Now that I have friendship/following dialogs out of the way, I feel like I can finally focus on more interesting features.  I have a pile of ideas I’ve been sitting on, but I felt like I had to get past this milestone first.

Here’s the list of all the new features:

  • You can now follow/unfollow any user from within Buzzbird – you are no longer sent to Twitter’s web page to do it. A new per-user dialog was added to facilitate this.
  • (OSX only) You can now assign Buzzbird to a specific Space, or to all Spaces (this one is for you, Troy).
  • Threaded replies now work.
  • Buzzbird can now put the number of unread messages, unread mentions, or unread DMs in the titlebar.
  • You can now choose to put your friends’ “real names” in bold (instead of their handles) when rendering.
  • Clicking a hashtag can bring you to either or (used to be only, now it’s configurable)
  • Fixed some bugs which would cause Tweets to not be rendered if URLs within the tweets contained special characters.
  • Failure to post a tweet because of network issues will no longer cause the text of your tweet to be erased.
  • Upgraded xulrunner to (which gives Buzzbird parity w/ Firefox 3.5.4).

Coming up next, I plan on adding support for Lists and official Retweets, and maybe a few other goodies.  As with every other release I’ve done, I intend to have a lot less time between releases for the next go-round, but despite my best intentions, that never seems to happen.  Let’s hope this time it actually happens!

Make sure you visit the site to get the latest version:


The 0.5 release has taken a while, in part because there are so many changes in it.  In version 0.5, you’ll be able to view individual users and friend/unfriend them for all of your accounts right within Buzzbird (instead of jumping to their online profile).  Of course, you’ll still be able to visit online profiles straight from inside Buzzbird, too.

I’m on track for a release by the end of November.  I’ll keep you posted!