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Now that I have friendship/following dialogs out of the way, I feel like I can finally focus on more interesting features.  I have a pile of ideas I’ve been sitting on, but I felt like I had to get past this milestone first.

Here’s the list of all the new features:

  • You can now follow/unfollow any user from within Buzzbird – you are no longer sent to Twitter’s web page to do it. A new per-user dialog was added to facilitate this.
  • (OSX only) You can now assign Buzzbird to a specific Space, or to all Spaces (this one is for you, Troy).
  • Threaded replies now work.
  • Buzzbird can now put the number of unread messages, unread mentions, or unread DMs in the titlebar.
  • You can now choose to put your friends’ “real names” in bold (instead of their handles) when rendering.
  • Clicking a hashtag can bring you to either or (used to be only, now it’s configurable)
  • Fixed some bugs which would cause Tweets to not be rendered if URLs within the tweets contained special characters.
  • Failure to post a tweet because of network issues will no longer cause the text of your tweet to be erased.
  • Upgraded xulrunner to (which gives Buzzbird parity w/ Firefox 3.5.4).

Coming up next, I plan on adding support for Lists and official Retweets, and maybe a few other goodies.  As with every other release I’ve done, I intend to have a lot less time between releases for the next go-round, but despite my best intentions, that never seems to happen.  Let’s hope this time it actually happens!

Make sure you visit the site to get the latest version:



  1. Nice job. “Help” –> “About” still says version 0.4 though (at least on linux).

    • Oops! I’ll open an issue over on GitHub to make sure that’s fixed in 0.6. I’m finalizing changes to 0.6 right now, so it should be better in a jiffy. Thanks!

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