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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Buzzbird has a fresh new website, and the blog has moved to a self-hosted arrangement.  So if you’re following this blog, or subscribed to it, or googled yourself into it, you probably want to head on over to our new home at

The blog is at

We’ll be waiting for you over there!


This is the version you take home to meet Mom and Dad.  This is the version you bring to the prom.  This is the version you keep a photo of in your wallet to show to your friends.

I finally got tired of going into online forums and reading stuff like this:

…and I decided it was high time I do something about it.  So this version is a bit prettier than the last.  You’ll find a few new goodies in the latest version:

  • Support for “Official” Re-tweets.  You can choose whether you want to use Twitter’s new auto-retweet feature, or stick with the tried-and-true manual retweet.
  • Fixed Issue #24 – Changing active user after follow/unfollow.
  • Fixed Issue #23 (Maybe) – Occasional disappearing cursor in the post dialog (this is a XUL bug, but I found a workaround that might help).
  • Fixed Issue #19 – Remove Friendship button from friendship dialog, which caused a recursive black-hole vortex that accidentally bended space-time.
  • Fixed Issue #11 – The “@kermit does not follow @misspiggy” text was wrong on the friendship dialog.

Get it now at!

A lot of people have been saying they’d like to see notifications in the next version.  I was planning on doing lists first, but perhaps notifications is a bigger need?

I’m also working on a new Buzzbird website that should be ready sometime this week.  Stay tuned!