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This is the version you take home to meet Mom and Dad.  This is the version you bring to the prom.  This is the version you keep a photo of in your wallet to show to your friends.

I finally got tired of going into online forums and reading stuff like this:

…and I decided it was high time I do something about it.  So this version is a bit prettier than the last.  You’ll find a few new goodies in the latest version:

  • Support for “Official” Re-tweets.  You can choose whether you want to use Twitter’s new auto-retweet feature, or stick with the tried-and-true manual retweet.
  • Fixed Issue #24 – Changing active user after follow/unfollow.
  • Fixed Issue #23 (Maybe) – Occasional disappearing cursor in the post dialog (this is a XUL bug, but I found a workaround that might help).
  • Fixed Issue #19 – Remove Friendship button from friendship dialog, which caused a recursive black-hole vortex that accidentally bended space-time.
  • Fixed Issue #11 – The “@kermit does not follow @misspiggy” text was wrong on the friendship dialog.

Get it now at!

A lot of people have been saying they’d like to see notifications in the next version.  I was planning on doing lists first, but perhaps notifications is a bigger need?

I’m also working on a new Buzzbird website that should be ready sometime this week.  Stay tuned!



  1. Yeee-haww! It’s great! Loving the new theme.

    I probably would second the need for notifications – be they sounds, bubbles or flares outdoors. It’s quite easy to miss something going down on twitter without them.

    Also looking forward to a new Buzzbird website because, yes, i am that sad!

  2. Lists 1% priority – Notifications 99% priority IMHO. Really beginning to like this app!

  3. Lists vs. Notifications:

    I vote for lists because I prefer to minimize interruptions and check Twitter periodically. Also, I use lists to “follow” many people who I don’t officially follow, so Buzzbird w/o lists really handicaps my Twitter experience.

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